The Science Behind “Sitting up-Straight” – Importance of Good Posture

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We’ve all seen numerous animated icons depicting how we should sit, stand, sleep and perform various activities correctly, for our body’s upkeep. What these icons are referring to, is the importance of good form that your body needs to maintain at all times. Observe your natural body position as you’re reading this article. Check if you’re slouched, with a hunched back or strained neck. All the small things we put our body through, during the day, may add up to serious injuries in the long term if not corrected timely.


The good news is, your body’s posture can always be corrected, leaving you to enjoy activities without suffering weak, painful muscles and joints in the future. What are the other benefits one can reap through maintaining good posture or form? Find out here:


  1. Makes breathing easier:

If you’ve ever tried meditating with a teacher, you would know that the first instruction you were given is to sit upright. This is to make sure your frontal muscles are at ease, leaving you to utilize your lungs at maximum efficiency. Studies have proven that just the way you breathe (preferably long breaths) can affect your mood, attelivate stress, increase your lung capacity and aid your overall well-being.


  1. Helps your internal organs

When you workout with poor form, without the right technique, you end up damaging more than just to your muscles and joints. When your form isn’t correct, your internal organs bear the brunt and get displaced, to a certain degree. Over a period of time, strain is aggravated on the organs, affecting their regular functioning.


  1. Builds a strong spine

It comes as no surprise if a person holding a desk-bound job complains of neck and shoulder pain, and is diagnosed with more serious illnesses like spondylitis in the long run. When we use gadgets for an extended period of time, the way our neck is bent puts exponentially excess weight on the spine. This causes nerves to strain extremely. Being conscious of your posture while you work, or otherwise, helps build a healthy and strong spine.


Not having a good posture, for example – slouching while walking, gives off an impression of having low self esteem. Try this simple exercise – stand in front of your mirror, chin up, with a straight back. Just a little tweaking can give you a load of confidence, that projects from the inside out, within seconds! As much as one wouldn’t like to accept it, your body is your best friend. Making small, but vital changes to your posture goes a long way in building a strong and resilient body – not just a good-looking one.


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