Virtual Reality – New Kid on the Block

Virtual Reality – New Kid on the Block

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Virtual Reality – a first of its kind technology has been around, and made its mark in the gaming industry over the years. It is touted to be the new giant that would slowly take over technological applications in various fields. Aimed to create an experience of “being there physically” for users, the technology typically uses headgear that can be synced to a computer or mobile phone. Here’s why we think Virtual Reality is the next

big revolution in tech-experiences and fitness in specific.

Fast Adoption

For every tech cycle – be it the personal computing phase, or landline to mobile transition, the entire transformation typically ranges from 25-35 years, for a new technology to emerge and take on legacy processes and ideas. With respect to VR however, researchers and market gurus have observed a trend much higher adoption rates,  given the high impact it could create and actually impact the way fitness is perceived. Also, given it makes working out so much more fun, interesting and novel – it is a given that every fitness enthusiast will want to explore and be a quick adopter.

Rapid Innovation

Big tech companies today, are highly invested in innovating and improving on VR. The “Innovators” or the big guns in the market with the financial backing are currently in the process of improving its features to suit and adapt to different areas. When this happens, there are typically two kinds of demographics that emerge – companies that foresee the benefits of the new technology and adapt to them faster(early-adopters), and the companies that typically go by a “herd mentality” and follow the trend without having researched or analysed the pros and cons of the new development. The fitness industry is something that’s quickly beginning to see the many benefits of a virtual reality experience, leading to an opportunity for extensive research and rapid innovation.

Overcoming Speculation

VR has a lot of speculation around it – for being too expensive, or that the existing hardware cannot support such high-end programming. This is typical of any technological cycle – case in point: replacement of landline phones with routers for connecting to the internet – simply because the wired handset couldn’t be used anymore, with the increasing need for faster internet. About the price point, tech gurus predict the cost of using VR would come down with the increasing technological advancements, just like the mobile phone handset – something that was thought to be restricted just for the uber-rich. Further, with higher demand and faster adoption, the cost is bound to come down drastically, opening pathways to the larger masses very soon.

Virtual reality is a technology that is exciting engineers and innovators solely for the possibilities it could offer. Estimated to grow to about 33.9 billion USD by 2022, this new-age technology is likely to transform a plethora of industries including cinema, architecture, medicine, pharma, finance, commerce, education and automobile industries.  At Virtu-Fitness, we are constantly looking out for technologies that could add excitement to the fitness experience as a whole – and VR is definitely one such idea that we’re investing time, effort and resources into heavily.

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