Kickass technologies that are changing how we see fitness

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Technological advancements have been kicking up a storm over the past few years in various industries, transforming processes and methodologies along the way. Fitness is an industry that’s not too far behind in this phenomenon. Innovation in fitness has always been exciting to watch out for, right from the first few fitness shows on TV to highly effective technologies like augmented reality – they’re always unpredictable yet highly anticipated once the possibilities are made known. Here are few technologies that have managed to make their mark on fitness enthusiasts worldwide. 

Fitness you can wear!

Gone are the days when one would have to wait in long queues to get a regular health check-up. The wearables that are currently available on the market allow a user to track their heart rate, blood pressure and function as a pedometer as well! Stylishly designed, these “bands” have taken the place of watches for many users. They are sleek, can sync up with a smartphone and give timely water intake and walking alerts. What’s not to love?

Mobile Apps for Tracking & Coaching

Years ago, celebrity fitness and nutrition coaches would be confined only to their elite clientele, unable to reach out to the masses. Tracking apps have eliminated that barrier. With a wide range of high-quality education and guidance at their disposal, users have the advantage of working out in their own time. Food tracking apps have also made it possible for a user to understand the nutritive value of a dish, by entering the portion size into the app, or simply clicking a picture of it. This increased accountability makes a user stick to their goals for a longer period.

Augmented Reality

AR had its big moment when Pokemon Go became a rage with videos of people flocking parks and public spaces becoming viral. An underlying observation here is how effective augmented reality really is in fitness solutions. With people glued to their gadgets all the time, AR has the power to reverse the effects of physical inactivity, while still giving users something to play around with. The future for AR is looking bright with highly innovative, self-learning solutions being implemented currently.

Virtual Reality

This one’s probably the most exciting technology of all. Virtual Reality is a new and upcoming game changer that fitness gurus around the world are incorporating into a workout routine to take away the boredom that comes with exercising. Not many changes have been made to the gymming space with respect to the equipment over the years. Virtual Reality gamifies an entire workout, making one feel like they’re focussed on playing a video game, when in fact, they’re getting in a super effective workout.

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