Enjoy workouts – Freestyle!

Enjoy workouts – Freestyle!

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One of the most important factors that helps you reach a fitness goal is consistency – Consistent nutrition, consistent workouts and consistent check-ins. It is crucial that we constantly improve our fitness goals and keep moving forward, making fitness a lifestyle and not just an activity. What next? – is the attitude one must embrace, every single day. It is easier said than done, especially with a lack of proper guidance, especially when pushing yourself too hard with gym equipment, could result in strain and injury.


Well, what if we told you, you have had a piece of ‘equipment’ lugging around all your life – which is much safer than gym machines, and is most useful in helping you get trimmer? Your body itself! In a few schools of thought within fitness coaching, experts believe that you need literally no equipment except for your body, to get in that daily dose of workout.

It’s exciting and improves stamina

Freestyle workouts focus on exercises that work against your own body weight, thereby toning your muscles and improving your stamina. With a professional by your side, guiding you on the best ways to use your own weight to attain better levels of strength, flexibility and core fitness, you hardly need anything else to chase your goals.

You choose how you workout

Freestyle workouts are intense and balanced. They are typically short programs (sometimes delivered in the interval training format), so you make the most of your time invested in workouts. An effective freestyle workout could range from as few as ten minutes to a couple of hours – giving you amazing results, quickly and with some degree of irreversibility. These intense bursts of exercises followed by short periods of rest ensure your core is strong and have increased agility.


Never think of workouts as being boring again

With freestyle workouts, you can ideally target all muscle groups in the body. A qualified, professional coach can train you with a set of exercises, most suitable to your body and turn them into a quick, intense and fun everyday workout. Circuit programs could be delivered in small groups, so workout becomes a social, fun activity where you meet individuals with the same interests as yourself, and motivate each other to get better. Since there is a lot of room to innovate, your workouts will never be boring again!


The freestyle space is thriving with innovative and super-interesting technologies coming into play that would make a workout seem less boring and more game-like.


Virtual Reality is one such technology that aims to take away the “calorie burning” mindset of a gym and transform it into a high-energy, fun and engaging gaming-style environment. This would make sure you enjoy the experience of a VR environment, barely realising that you’re engaging in a calorie-burning activity.  This further leads to consistency in your workouts, making you more likely to achieve your fitness goals.


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